Your hair, treated right

As your friend and hair care specialist, you are our priority.
Our highly trained staff provide personalized herbal
treatment and advice for all your hair care needs.


The herbal hair treatment process involves preparation of the scalp, application of 100% chemical-free herbal paste, steaming and washing.
The entire hair care treatment is expected to take about 1.5 – 2 hours including waiting time (may differ during peak periods). 

Step 1: Getting Started

Proceed to the counter where our hair care specialist will explain all you need to know about the herbal hair treatment and assess the cost of treatment (based on hair length and additional services such as application of hair tonic or ampoule). She will then lead you to the treatment area, where you will be given a seat with a locker for your valuables. Your locker number doubles as your queue number.

Step 2: Preparation

If you have used hair gel or hair spray, kindly inform our staff and these will first be washed off before the herbal hair treatment process begins. Once ready, ginger tonic will first be applied to the scalp to stimulate and open up pores in preparation for absorption of herbal ingredients.

Step 3: Herbal Paste

The 100% chemical-free herbal paste will be applied onto the scalp and hair. (Pro Tip: You may request to have the paste applied to your eyebrows or even mustache for free!) Your hair will then be wrapped with a plastic sheet and secured with a headband in preparation for steaming. This prevents the herbal paste from dripping.

Step 4: Steaming

Wrapped hair will be steamed for 45mins. Magazines will be provided for browsing, and free WiFi will be available for your use. You will also be served freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea! After steaming, wait a few minutes to let the hair cool down.

Step 5: Washing

You will then be led to the washing area to wash the herbal paste off the cooled hair. Kindly let your hair care specialist know your preference for cool or warm water for this (cool water is recommended). After washing, you will be brought back to your seat and have your hair partially blow-dried to allow better absorption of the chemical-free herbal paste.

It is recommended that the next time you wash your hair should be 5 hours later, or ideally the next day to allow the herbs to be fully absorbed, and it is best to use a dark colored towel to avoid staining as some of the herbal paste may still be washed out over the next 2-3 days.

Step 6: Tonic

At this point, ampoule (Essence Vitamins) will be applied if you had opted for it in Step 1, followed by Crystal Concentrate serum or Damaged Hair Rebuilder cream (depending on your hair type).

If you have not done so earlier, this is a good time to consult your herbal hair care specialist about recommended products for your hair type!

Step 7: Leaving with style

The 100% chemical-free herbal hair treatment is done! You may use the combs and hair dryer available to style your hair before you return to the front counter to make payment.

Be sure to consult your herbal hair care specialist regarding the time for your next visit, and do check that you have collected your belongings and valuables from the locker!