Grow with us

What makes Hairbitat truly special is not just our amazing product line – it’s the
beautiful experience of luxury that is only possible with a family of people
who are passionate about delivering great customer service.


Hairbitat’s commitment to service is based on the concept of ‘servant leadership’. Before we can offer the best service to our customers, we first ensure that we serve our staff well.

That is why we invest in each and every member of the team to bring them to their fullest potential. 

So, where do you see yourself at Hairbitat?

Content Writer

Copywriting is an essential function in marketing, and the content writer must be in tune with current culture in order to be able to engage people. We are looking for a smart, savvy content writer to manage the company blog and produce content with the Graphic Designer for various social media platforms as well as for physical marketing material.
We aim to generate content on a daily basis which include articles of up to 500-700 words each on hair care and related topics, marketing messages, announcements and other forms of customer engagement campaigns.
A strong command of written and spoken English is mandatory.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer should not only be creative and have a good design sense. They should also have a good grasp of culture and understand different platfroms in order to apply their craft to solve marketing problems both online and offline. The Graphic Designer will frequently partner with the Content Writer, and will be expected to be current with the latest trends in pop culture and social media.
The Graphic Designer takes direction from both written and spoken ideas and should be able to convert them seamlessly into images, layouts and other designs that are consistent with the brand image. Great attention to detail is expected, strong written and oral communication in English is needed and advanced proficiency in Adobe Photoshop is an absolute must.

SEO/SEM Specialist

Hairbitat is looking for SEO/SEM specialist to manage all search engine optimization and marketing activities to maximize traffic to our online platforms.
The candidate will be responsible for managing all SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase rankings on Google search network.
The SEO/SEM specialist will be expected to work with the Content Writer in incorporating keywords in content generation. They should also formulate and exewcute strategies on generating backlinks to Hairbitat’s online platforms.

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager plays a vital role in growing the company’s customer base through collaboration and partnership with businesses, organizations and influential people, with particular focus on (but not limited to) the IT industry.
They must identify such opportunities through networking, cold calling and other means, and work closely with the marketing team to plan win-win value propositions to these potential partners.
A good command of spoken English is a must.

Franchise Manager

As our operations grow, Hairbitat seeks to employ Franchise Managers to head franchising  activities, one for the State of Tamil Nadu and another for Karnataka.
They will be responsible for identifying and developing franchising opportunities, and manage all activities from the first screening of potential franchisees to the actual launch of the franchise outlet and beyond.
Candidates should have at least 5 years of experience in franchise development and management, and be able to find opportunities independently. Strong communication skills are a must.