Yes and no. You have to decide.

As the co-founder of Hairbitat, it is easy for me to be biased about our product and say that our herbal treatment is for everyone.

After all it is an incredible product that has already helped thousands and thousands of people.

However, that is not the way I want this company to be built.

As a business, while it would be great to have the whole world as our customer, it is in reality a disservice to our loyal clientele if we do not be focused on the people who will benefit the most from our services.

I am writing as a public commitment to build honesty and trust with the people we serve. And so this topic has been on my mind in recent times, and I am sure it is one of the first things that any person who comes across Hairbitat will inevitably ask.

The core business of Hairbitat is to help people grow beautiful hair.

We understand that not everybody is all that concerned about their hair, and many will not want to spend hard earned money on that.

We are here for the ones who need us.

Some of you have dandruff problems that have plagued you for years, even decades. While it is not in any way a danger to your health, dandruff can be annoying, and even cause embarrassing social situations.

We want to help you eliminate that hassle and worry forever.

Another common issue is hair loss. Many of our clients agonize over the amount of hair they find in their sink or on their hair brushes.

Worse yet, they can visibly see bald patches develop and are helpless to fix it. Ironically this causes stress which would lead to – you guessed it – even more hair loss.

Hairbitat is here to provide a sanctuary, a safe environment for you to relax and know your hair is in good hands.

We can turn things around so that you can spend your time and energy on the important things, be it pursuing your career aspirations, or simply building a wonderful home environment for your family.

Then there are the extreme cases – people who have not been able to seek treatment in time to save their hair for whatever reason.

This is the tricky part for us.

While I would love to personally guarantee that we can fix any hair problem that comes our way, I cannot and will not do so.

We are not afraid to admit that there are always exceptional cases that we are unable to treat.

Just as there are no magic pills that cure all diseases, there is no single hair treatment that will magically grow hair.

Every case is different, and while our herbal treatment has done wonders for many people, we cannot expect a 100% success rate.

What I can guarantee is that we at Hairbitat will always do our utmost to provide quality service and treatment, and we do not give false promises.

If you have an extreme case of hair loss or dandruff, visit us at any of our outlets and have a free consultation with our hair therapists who can be in the best position to advise you.

In the event that we are unable to help you, our therapists will gladly assist you in understanding alternative options to solve your problems.

Growing beautiful hair is what we at Hairbitat do, but what we truly want for our customers is to enable them to be free to live their life to the fullest, uninhibited by bad hair days.

So, if you value your hair as much as we do ours, then Hairbitat is the perfect place for you to give it the treatment it deserves.