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  I had been there for the first time in UB CITY Outlet Hairbitat.Herbal Hair Treatment.service was Excellent feel so relaxed,i have no word to express about there service,i can say only one word 5'star SERVICE' Finally Verry2 thanks to jessy@kerol. For ur great service.keep it up.

thumb John Qyps Johnqyps

  Great experience with Herbal hair treatment, had 4 sittings waiting for the result..

thumb Laxmikanth Mitta

  It is a nice place for hair treatment. I came hear with thinning and dandruff hair after the 3 rd sitting my dandruff got reduced and hair was thick iam so happy for that one.

thumb Somu Prasad

  It's really helpful for hair and scalp as well. One call feel the difference after 1st sitting...

thumb Meghal Agarwal

  Awesome place if you care for your hair. They are the best people who can help you fix your hair problems... Ratna's hospitality rocks.... She has immense knowledge and studies the hair really well... I wouldn't know what I would do if not for Hairbitat... Keep rocking guys... U r doing a great job.

thumb Dean Tannen

  Atlast found a place for getting 100% Herbal treatment. Could see the results after 2nd sitting of treatment itself. The staff over there are epitomes of professionalism. Never have experienced such kind of perfection till date. They are excellent. I am a kind of a person who can even give a critique even for a perfectionist....these lovely girls, Tete and Carol never gave me a chance..... more power to u gals.

thumb Chetana Baliga

  Excellent service by Archana, Carol and Sophia. Hair regrowth has taken place really fast. Superb results within 3 sittings. Hair regrowth has taken place from shoulder level to currently at hip level.would like to continue as its completely safe and natural. No hairfall ever since treatment started.

thumb Hema Prasad

  Visited once and not found much effect. As they said u will get good result after 4 sitting So Am waiting till 4 sitting.

thumb Rahul Goyal

  Everywhere I went I found people telling me that my is not gonna grow back and I had lost hope and confidence.. But then I found Hairbitat through one of my friend and now here I am with a head almost full of hair or rather full of hair I can say.. initially it was difficult as I did not believe that it could happen.. But then the people of Hairbitat instilled the faith that they had in me and it did work.. I didn't have to consume any medication nor did I have to spend a huge amount of money.. it was all herbal,cost efficient and effective treatment.. I have to mention the service provided here is excellent and very warm n friendly.. Special shout out to ARCHANA, TETE and RATHNA .. I would definitely recommend anyone who is in need or who is reading this to please give it a try.. I have THANK YOU HAIRBITAT!!

thumb Raajoo Bhatkal

  I have been taking sessions in Hairbitat regularly and they are awesome. I can see the difference in my hair growth. Hair fall has reduced and the texture has become very smooth.

thumb Sneha Bansal

  Wonderful experience and good ambience... staffs take good care of ur self ... coimbatore �

thumb Vinodh Kumar Rajaraman

  Hi all, this is my 7th sitting and I really felt so happy with the treatment. Now my hair become so silky, hair fall also reduced, interesting part is I can see hair re-growth. Service is really good. No side effects as it is herbal hair treatment.

thumb VR Aditya Somisetty

  I have done my hair treatment since 4 weeks. Hair fall has reduced drastically and I can see lot of improvement. Hospitality is very good and I feel pampered.

thumb Abhishekk Patel

  The ambience is good at the hairbitat,ub city...And the hospitality is too good... Would like to come back soon.

thumb Sampras Xavio

  This is my 3rd sitting and already seeing hair growth. Very happy with the service. Courteous staff and great treatment. Happy with the service and signing up for package. If you want to treat your hair with natural products this is the place! Rathna's tips definitely helps. Carol massage must have👍

thumb Shubhada Shivashankar

  At first sitting feeling good. Now second sitting going on and hoping for better results. staff is very friendly here. I recommend to try once and see the results....

thumb Sree HU

  The hair treatment they do at hairbitat is really nice , the procedure is very systematic and quite convincing so far .. I'm for sure seeing slow and steady growth too. The stting is long though and needs about two hrs at least.. Not to forget the loving and caring team of therapists who make you feel comfortable and relaxed.. I'm sure the clietal list will grow as long as my hair grows!!! ���

thumb Rajesh Ballal

  Hairbitat came to me as a blessing. The only treatment that has given visible results to my damaged hair in past 10 years. On top of that, courteous staff and genuine effort put in by team to treat people with hair problems like hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff etc. Highly recommended!

thumb Rupika Satija Manocha

  It's very good for Hair treatment, 100% result from it... Thanks to Hairbitat....!!

thumb Kumar Ck

  love this hair treatment spa. the girls are all so friendly and extremely professional. plus my hair looks 10X more silky and shiny 🙂 Thanks @hairbitatIndia 🙂

thumb Ishita Malhotra

  So I have been visiting the place for 2 months now. At first I was a little skeptical about whether the treatment works, it will suit me or not. So I had taken 5+1 package but the treatment made me fell in love with my hair again. There is a visible reduction in hair fall and I can see new hair growth as well. The only thing is you should use there products as well to get a well rounded effect. The products are great, a little on costlier side but still it is worth it. Now I have taken a bigger package of 10+4 because they have got my trust completely. The staff is also very courteous. They not just give you the treatment but various tips as well to maintain healthy hair. I feel great coming to hairbitat!! If you have hairfall, dry hair or you just wish to pamper yourself it is highly recommended.

thumb Vishakha Bhatia

  Staff is very good.Its my fourth sitting and i am already seeing a lot of difference in my hai.Dandruff and hairfall have reduced my hair is shiny and smooth thanku

thumb Shilpy Pande

  It's amazing how well you are treated at this place. . I went for a Vittal Mallya road branch and the staff there are extremely friendly. . They give u grt suggestions on your hair and the therapy u need to undertake. . One of the best herbal treatment I had! Good job@hairbitat

thumb Yogita Bhat

  If i have to describe it in one word it would be "Excellent". The hair fall has reduced to a great extent and the texture of the hair has become amazing. I was concerned about the regrowth but I can definitely see baby hair growing now. As it is a natural treatment,nothing to worry about the side effects. Hoping to achieve more better results in the coming sessions. And a special mention to all the staff for such an amazing service. Recommended to all. 🙂

thumb Shashank Bheed

  Its super treatment. ..i loved it staff carol andjessy work was super. .ill come every time here only thank you guys

thumb Shobha Pirgal

  It's an excellent Service in every way!! The product definetely shows result! Have experienced overall health of the hair, nourished shiny n growing within a couple of treatments!! Pleasant ambience n awesome service adds to the whole experience!! Sometimes even if the product is excellent, the service is not good n vice versa! Here at Hairbi tat, everything comes together! Good ambience gr8 product n excellent service, all under one roof!! ARCHANA(jp nagar branch), their most efficient staff/manager is absolutely wonderful in delivering gr8 service! U r taken care in every way ! I personally enjoy my sessions n feel quite destressed!ARCHANA n the rest of the staff doesn't take any short cut to services n doesn't rush u through! So it's quite relaxing!! I strongly recommend this to all my friends! It's definetely worth it! My hair never felt better:-)

thumb Shahin Zaheen

  It's a nice place for hair loss problem .I had 8 sittings till now ...felt improvement in hair condition...staff is very friendly... Products are little expensive but are value for money... Overall nice experience.

thumb Alok Roy

  The service is really good, treatment also very good. The staff are excellent in their work, and they explain you each and every single thing with the reason.

thumb Siva Sankari Singaravelu

  Courteous staff makes you feel comfy as soon as you step foot in their premises. They provided herbal hair spa along with anti dandruff treatment. Results are visible. Will see you guys again

thumb Avinash Saxena

  this is my fourth sitting .hair has started growing.hairbitat has come as a blessing to me!

thumb Aruna Ramachandran

  My experience here is beautiful beyond words, the staff is very efficient and friendly

thumb Lalita Salecha

  Well since the first sitting there has been a drastic improvement with the itching problem and there has been a great amount of improvement seen with the dandruff problem. Well from my past treatments at other centres gotta say this one had really made a mark and have seen improvement within a week !!!!! I'd rather suggest you guys to go for it !!!! Well I may not be completely certain cause there's still some time before the treatement is complete !!!! Well the final result at the end may suggest of what's certain!!!!

thumb Abhinav Singh

  I am so thankful to Hairbitat. My hair fall has reduced just after one sitting. Good products.....Now, I prefer shampoo only from Hairbitat .... though little expensive 😃Worth it! Visiting soon!!

thumb Kananbala Ningthoujam

  Service not up to mark. Could be more customer oriented.

thumb Thushar P Sujir

  Hi people out there. Hairbitat has been a blessing in disguise. Had consulted many for hair loss and then finally wanted to visit this for a change. After all my previous experiences had yielded no results. Now after having availed this treatment, I see a lot of difference and there is evident hair growth after the 4th sitting. I recommend everyone out there to visit and experience this. Archana the store manager here takes special interest and care of the customer. She is excellent in handling the queries and would resolve most of it. Would definitely recommend this one to all out with hair problems. Kudos to you guys hairbitat.

thumb Harish Kabade

  I have done my hair treatment since 2 months. Hair fall has reduced drastically and I can see lot of baby hairs after six sittings. Fingers crossed. Hospitality is very good and I feel pampered.

thumb Ankur Pradhan

  Excellent Chinese Herbal treatment for A to Z hair problems in an Awesome ambience and very friendly staff . Superb service with AMAZING RESULTS for sure. I would surely recommend.

thumb Pinky Sheerya

  From 1st sitting my hair became more silky and smooth and some of places I lose hair but I can see little bit improvement after you cant see major in single day we have to take care but for all people who has hair loss must try don't just go blindly with laser or other treatment first try herbal which they provide if u don't like then you can go but from my experience overall is good now again liking my hair....

thumb Arpit Srivastava

  The team is amazing... I feel very pampered. And definitely my hair seems to have an improvement 🙂 Special thanks to Ruhi and Ashwini! The treatment is completely herbal based and hence my hair loves it.

thumb Sriya Dasgupta Wadhwa

  Dandruff has reduced and my hair feels more soft and healthy..satisfied with the service so far 🙂

thumb Pragyan Satapathy

  It's a nice place for hair loss problem .I had 3 sittings till now ...felt improvement in hair condition...staff are very friendly... Products are little costly apart from that it's awesome

thumb Chitra HL

  Origin hai treatmenthas helped to reduce dandruff and hair loss. Th is very good!

thumb Dipalee Kulkarni Soni

  I have taken more than 10 sittings. My hair has become so smooth, shinning and Silky. Every of my friends keep wondering about my hair changes. My hair texture and smoothness unbelievably different than what it was earlier. I have fallen in love with my hair, thanks to Hairbitat Hair Treatment. I am a permanent customer of Hairbitat.

thumb Lakshmi Annamalai

  Hi all this is my third session, I see some difference in my hair. Hair fall has reduced but then hair growth of course will take sometime. And the way they treat here is really good. I like this place a lot and there are no side effects too. Special thanks to Roohi who advises well on how to take additional care of your hair.

thumb Shalini Pramanik

  Awesome experience. ..Noticeable results after first sitting

thumb Pooja Sharma

  I have been using this product from when I was in Singapore and was very happy to find them in Bangalore too. I had been to the branch near UB city a couple of times and I must agree that the experience I had in terms of service was almost as good as what I got in Singapore. A special mention about Ratna the manager and Carol who are very friendly.

thumb Sugesh Venky

  Its resilt oriented...staff are veru courteos & helpful...overall a good experience

thumb Jeetender Chhajed